Expand Proven Programs

Expand Proven Programs

Service delivery improves as programs proven to influence our targeted outcomes — namely, Family Connects, HealthySteps, and Nurse-Family Partnership —  expand. These programs have documented causal impacts on child well-being through rigorous research. Each also features national infrastructure ensuring programs deliver services with fidelity to the proven model. Offering more families access to well‐implemented, evidence-based interventions matched to family needs achieves individual level effects and makes a necessary contribution to population level impact.

The programs are:

Nurse-Family Partnership, a home-visiting program that works with first-time moms who might benefit from additional supports, will expand from serving 200+ families in 2019 to serving 400 families by 2021.

Guilford Family Connects, a home-visiting program offered to all new mothers, will continue to evolve its model to meet community need.

HealthySteps, which places child development specialists in pediatric practices, will expand from eight offices in 2019 to all pediatricians in the county by 2021. The program provides families with the ability to talk with a professional who can answer questions about their child’s development, offer guidance and encouragement, and connect families to resources they want and need.