Staff profile: Praneetha Deva

By Stephanie Skordas, Director of Marketing and Communications

If Ready Ready’s Salesforce Administrator Praneetha Deva were planning her vacation, she’d head straight to her hometown of Hyderabad in India with her husband and daughter. “I always have a lovely time visiting my parents and sisters,” she said.

Deva joined Ready Ready in December 2021. As a Salesforce certified platform developer and administrator, Deva has a solid background in IT, including three years of experience on Salesforce products like service cloud, marketing cloud, Apex programming, and lightning components. She also has years of experience in databases, ETL tools, Linux, Rest API’s and web services and her master’s degree in computer sciences.

She’s excited to bring these skills to Ready Ready’s system-building mission. “I feel the notion that we are all born equal also means every newborn child in the community should have all their basic needs covered for healthy development,” she said. “We all have to support our communities to make this happen.”

When she’s not helping build Ready Ready’s Integrated Data System or working with the Community Alignment team on its Agency Finder app, you’ll probably find Deva measuring sugar, flour, and more in her baking room, where she can control the temperature away from the hot oven in the kitchen.

“I started baking when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, who’s now five,” Deva said. “I love to create custom cakes for kids’ birthdays with their favorite characters and have also gone to baking school to learn more. My daughter loves baking with me too.”

In addition to custom cakes, Deva has started creating custom cookies and enjoys decorating with royal icing and buttercream. She said that her hobby allows her creativity full rein. “In IT, I use creativity to develop code, deal with a web page, or look for a different angle to find a solution,” Deva said. “When it comes to baking, it’s a different side of creativity that comes with lots of patience.”