Values & Principles


We believe in being Family-Led.

  • Authentic family voice, as defined by families and reflective of the diversity of our community, is engaged consistently and intentionally in our work.
  • Families serve as decision-makers, partners, and change agents.
  • We equip families to serve as strong advocates for themselves, their neighbors, and Guilford County’s children and families.

We believe in being Inclusive.

  • Stakeholders from different races/ethnicities, perspectives, backgrounds, orientations, and proximity to community assets (and challenges) shape our work.
  • Perspectives of people engaged in day-to-day work with children and families (direct service providers, early childhood teachers, families, and more) are centered in decision-making.

We believe in being Equity-driven.

  • Eliminating disparities is the central goal of our work.
  • We ensure marginalized populations have equitable access to information and resources.
  • We maintain a humble and respectful attitude toward individuals of diverse cultures and identities.

We believe in being Responsive to Evidence.

  • We pursue evidence from a variety of sources, including information about community context, analysis of our own effectiveness, what’s working/not working in our community (and in other communities), high-quality research from the broader early childhood field, and people’s stories about their own experiences.
  • We collect and use data responsibly.
  • The best available data and evidence drives our decisions and strategies

We believe in being Transparent.

  • We practice integrity by communicating regularly with partners about decision-making structures, practices and outcomes.
  • Formal and informal updates are provided regularly to partners and to the public about status of activities, design processes and implementation.
  • Protocols and policies about how data will be collected, used, shared, and safeguarded are developed through an inclusive community process.

We believe in being Collaborative.

  • We proactively and consistently identify and address structural barriers to working together across agencies/organizations.
  • We build on organizational and community strengths, aligning resources to address gaps and improve outcomes.
  • We recognize and celebrate collective action across agencies and organizations in service to young children and families.