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Our work is divided into three phases, each centered around important milestones for children’s development.

  • Phase One: Prenatal – Age 3
  • Phase Two: Ages 3-5
  • Phase Three: Ages 5-8

Each year, approximately 6,000 children are born in Guilford County. We want all children born in Guilford County starting in 2021 to receive the support and resources they and their families need to enter kindergarten on track and be successful by third grade.

Ages 3-5 Design

The Ages 3-5 Design work brings national, state, and community-level expertise to the strategy design process. Workgroups are using data to identify areas of strength and areas of opportunity to develop community-level strategies to meet the needs of Guilford County children and families. Leaders from the Guilford Parent Leader Network are members of the workgroups to ensure family voices and equity strategies are integrated throughout the process.

Community Alignment

Our Community Alignment team works with agencies, organizations, and people to impact system-level change. Our goal is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of providers in connecting families with young children with the right service, at the right time, in the right amount. Using feedback loops, our team ensures providers have access to contact and capacity information for community providers. We also actively work to identify service gaps and collaborate with partners to help address those needs.

Continuous Quality Improvement

This team-based process collects, analyzes, and uses data to improve service quality on a continuous basis. This data helps identify efficiency, effectiveness, performance, and outcomes to provide the resources our community needs. We are identifying partnerships to engage family voices in the CQI process. Our CQI Advisory Group, CQI Funders Champion Circle, and CQI Learning Community are updating the CQI strategy, using data, outcomes and other information gleaned from our first CQI cohort of 13 programs in 2019.

We have put together a library of resources from our first CQI cohort and invite you to use them as needed.

CQI resource library

Community Partners

We collaborate with more than 100 community partners in Guilford County, North Carolina and the United States.


Support from our funders enables our system-building work.